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Paull Rodrigue

Paull Rodrigue Glass is located in Dundas, ON, Canada.

Paull graduated from the Bachelor of Craft and Design program at Sheridan College (Oakville, ON) in 1996 and has operated his own studio since 2006.

Paull creates his signature glass art which is bold in colour and strong in form, using the incalmo technique to create multicolour liquid beauty in a solid state.

Working with molten glass challenges Paull to be his best. With each piece, he seeks to create the most beauty he can and to take his work a little bit further than he’s gone before.

“Glass is my mountain. The potential is my protagonist. For over twenty years, I have been creating a niche for myself in the glass world. I incorporate ancient processes and traditional techniques with modern technology and design sensibility to create my signature works of art. When someone sees the jewel tones, the colour intersections and overall form of one of my signature pieces, I want them to know it’s a Paull Rodrigue original. As I push my own boundaries, I’m also expanding the world of glass as we know it. It hasn’t been easy nor shall it be, but this glass road upon which I walk has been rewarding and I am grateful to have found my path.”

Paull Rodrigue at work