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Nick Chase

Nick Chase Designs is located in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Nick Chase was born and raised in Sackville, NB. Relocating to Ontario in 2002, Nick originally planned to study wood working through the Sheridan College Craft and Design Program, believing it a trade that he could easily take back home. His minor at Sheridan was glass blowing and Nick was taken by how his mood, the temperature, the studio, the music playing…everything affected how the glass was going to work on any given day. The moment he realized that it may be possible to make a career out of glass blowing, there was no turning back. Working with such a reactive material, Nick thrives on having “no other option but to pour all you have into your work”.

Interested in the textures and patterns within urban and natural environments, Nick’s blown glass shapes are decorated with these textures, producing non-representational objects of ornament. Using transparency and colour, he changes the glass canvas into an almost glowing background for familiar yet unrecognizable imagery and textures.

An avid photographer, Nick records the beauty he can see in everyday settings, which for others may go unnoticed. By transferring the essence of an image onto glass, Nick creates a new and permanent record of it.

Nick Chase at work