Celebrating over 1,000 gifts sold in 2016!


Why should I purchase artworks here?

Arts At Work (“AAW”) was created to save time and make it easy for the corporate sector to purchase handcrafted Canadian glass artworks. As a one-stop shop, AAW is a centralized service, showcasing a curated collection, thereby eliminating hours of online research and travel time to galleries and artist studios to peruse selections. All purchases are gift-boxed with a customized gift card, safely packed and shipped directly as instructed by the purchaser.

Are all of the artworks truly handcrafted in Canada?

Yes! Every single item is handcrafted, one at a time, by glass artists right here in Canada. Therefore, each glass artwork purchased is as individual as a thumbprint…as individual as you are!

Why are minimum orders required in some cases?

Minimums are set as required by artists, to accommodate standard volume of corporate orders or to most efficiently package artworks for shipment.

Will the glass artworks purchased look exactly like the picture shown?

By their nature, handcrafted glass artworks may:

– Vary slightly in their finished dimensions

– Have variance in colour distribution

– Have small bubbles characteristic of hand blown glass

These are not defects, rather slight variations typical of handcrafted glass artworks.

How long does it take to receive purchased artworks?

Once your purchase has been made, please allow three (3) to six (6) weeks for delivery. Upon receiving your payment, AAW will contact the artist directly to determine availability. If the glass artworks are immediately available, AAW will endeavour to have the order delivered to you within three (3) weeks. If the artist must produce new glass artworks to fulfill your purchase, AAW will endeavour to have the order delivered to you within six (6) weeks.

How do I guarantee that artworks purchased will be available to ship?

Contact us! AAW will reach the artist directly to get the latest update on availability and colour selection.

Are more selections available?

Yes! AAW is always expanding its roster of Canadian glass artists. If you’re looking for a wall-mounted architectural piece or a certain colour palette or style, please contact us! AAW will contact specific glass artists and send options for your consideration.

What about custom orders?

AAW welcomes custom orders, as available by artist, for glass artworks created in corporate colours. Please read Lisa’s blog, ‘Logo Loco!: Or ‘The Evolution of Corporate Gifting’ for more information.

Are glass artwork gifts to employees considered non-taxable to them?

Yes! Canada Revenue Agency allows non-cash gifts to employees* for awards and for special occasions (such as a religious holiday, birthday, wedding or birth of a child).

What about Years Of Service Awards?

Yes! An additional non-cash gift to an employee* is allowed at five-year intervals to acknowledge years of service. Please contact us about our ‘Celebrating The Years!’ program. AAW will diarize and schedule on-time delivery of years of service awards for your employees at the appropriate five-year interval!

Are glass artwork gifts to clients considered legitimate business expenses?

Yes! Canada Revenue Agency considers non-cash gifts to clients as legitimate ‘advertising and promotion’ expenses, which have no annual limit, as long as considered ‘reasonable’ in the circumstances.

How do glass artists in Canada benefit?

AAW was created to raise awareness of and to promote the remarkable glass artworks being handcrafted right here in Canada. As a one-stop shop, AAW promotes glass artworks directly to the corporate sector, takes care of all correspondence and administrative matters and thereby allows glass artists more freedom to do what they love, which is to design and handcraft their works!

One of the glass artworks I purchased arrived broken! What do I do now?

AAW follows best-practice industry packing standards to pack glass artworks safe for shipping within Canada. All artworks are surrounded by three inches (3”) of appropriate packing fill, shipped in a double-wall corrugated box and require authorized signature on delivery.

In the unlikely event that a glass artwork arrives damaged or broken, please follow these procedures:

Contact AAW by email within 48 hours of receipt of damaged or broken glass artwork.

– Provide photo of damaged or broken glass artwork.

– Return the artwork in its original packaging to “Customer Service – Arts At Work”, 489 Grand Blvd., Oakville, ON, L6H 1P2, within ten business days of notifying AAW of return.

– Purchaser is responsible for return shipping charges. AAW is not responsible for returned items that are lost in transit.

– If the damaged or broken artwork is received at AAW within ten business days, AAW will issue a credit to the purchaser for the value of the damaged or broken artwork, net of applicable taxes, to be used towards a replacement artwork or future purchase.

*(Up to an annual limit of $500 (incl. tax) for each employee)