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Courtney Downman

Courtney Downman Glass is located in Oakville, ON, Canada.

Courtney Downman was introduced to glass in 2012 after enrolling in the Bachelor of Craft and Design program at Sheridan College (Oakville, ON). Courtney was recognized by Sheridan College with four awards and was also selected for a Student Summer Residency Scholarship at Harbourfront Centre (Toronto, ON). She worked on a project-based residency at the Living Arts Centre (Mississauga, ON) and now works as a Teaching Assistant in the glass studio at Sheridan College.

Courtney’s “Carved” series begins with a blown glass form that she makes by gathering and shaping molten hot glass that slowly transitions into a rough and jagged edge. Once cooled, the glass becomes rigid like stone, which she then delicately carves using engraving wheels and a diamond saw to create linear texture and raw edges.

Using both hot and cold processes in this way inspires Courtney to explore line and texture and highlights the unique ability of glass to appear and act as both liquid and solid.

Courtney’s work acts as a visual representation of this transition from liquid to solid; fluidity to rigidity; and fragility to strength.