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Bee Kingdom Glass

Bee Kingdom Glass is a collaborative studio collective based in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Ryan Fairweather and Phillip Bandura met at the Alberta College of Art and Design and built their own glass studio in 2004. Bee Kingdom Glass specializes in unique, low volume glassworks that are known for their vibrant colour palettes and subject matter. The studio’s practice is artful in nature, versus the mass production of the factory tradition, with inspiration from culture, political satire, nature and colour. While each artist has his own body of work, the team also works together to design particular works and assist each other no matter what the design.

Enjoying travel and collaboration with other artists, the studio has travelled to be shown in a variety of galleries, festivals and museums, in cities such as Cheongju, Athens, Turkey, Berlin and Mexico.

Bee Kingdom Glass was the Pilchuck Centerpiece designer in 2008 and was later invited to the Tacoma, Washington Museum of Glass for a residency where they created the Flower Turtle in glass, a realized children’s drawing from the Kids Design Glass program. In 2010, the studio was awarded Avenue Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40” (and featured on the front cover in all their high kick glory) and the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award.

Bee Kingdom Glass at work